Last Minute Details for 2019

As you plan for the trip to East Potomac Park consider the volume of other visitors to the area because of the cherry blossoms.
Even if you have participated before and are familiar with the site, we strongly suggest that you leave extra travel time and get there early. We don’t know the exact time that traffic will start to increase that morning but based on last weekend it could be as early as 6:30am so please plan accordingly.
Race check-in will begin at 7:15 and we will start the Fun-Run at 7:45. The 5K will begin at 8:00.
Set your GPS for this address:
Feel free to park in the lot next to the golf course club house. (There are public restrooms located in the building.) You may also parallel park along a limited number of spots on Ohio Drive. If you arrive close to the time the race starts there may not be any convenient parking left.
One more thing to consider is how long it might take you to leave the area after the event. We recommend that you plan on extra travel time for your trip out of East Potomac Park.

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